Getting to Know us

All of our products are hand crafted right here at Blissful Discipline in sunny Florida, USA. The main focus of Blissful Discipline is Impact Play Gear and Sensation Play Gear.  We pride ourselves on hand crafting high quality out of interesting and sometimes unusual materials giving the gear a unique custom feel.   We use a lot of metal in our pieces and though we do have some leather items we  have a huge selection of vegan items utilizing rubber and other leather alternatives.
First and foremost because we adore our animal friends and also quite simply because we find rubber and other leather alternatives superior to leather in the pieces we use it in.  We want to ensure you receive the highest quality product possible. Rubber is not an inexpensive replacement for leather; in fact the pricing is comparable.

Rubber vs Leather 

 -Rubber is easier to clean
-More sanitary
-Comes in all widths and thickness adding flexibility of use
-Durable and long lasting
-Feels and sounds simply wonderful
-Rubber is beautiful and shines up very nicely

Thats's a little bit about us at Blissful Discipline.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out.
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Thank you for taking a look around
Enjoy the Blissful Discipline

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