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Most people do not object to the scent of rubber, however some find the odor bothersome and wonder how they can minimize the  smell new rubber emits.  The scent by those sensitive to it has been mistaken for tobacco smoke, chemicals, etc if the new rubber is not allowed to 'breathe' before use. I don't even think I smell the rubber smell anymore because I work with it so frequently but I remember in the beginning believing I smelled cigarette smoke in my home and wondering where it came from. Here are some tips on removing the smell.  

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Suggestions for Removing Rubber Scent from New Products

When a product made with rubber is first opened, it is normal that the odor of rubber will emit. This is because it is packaged, thus encapsulating the freshly made item and its scent. Sometimes this emission is referred to as outgassing. For example, a new car consists of outgassed products, as they are released by heat inside a closed automobile. Even a nearly odorless, completely natural material, such as wood, may build up a strong smell if kept in closed packaging for any length of time. Though the smell will eventually dissipates with time, naturally, there do exist options for speeding up the process. There are a range of solutions and the following tips can help render the rubber odorless.

1. Fresh air and open space. Placing the rubber item outside for 1-2 days will reduce the potency of the chemical smelling aroma. As an alternative to placing it outside, you can keep it within a garage or storage place until the smell lessens outside of its packaging to help it diffuse its odor.

2. The UV rays of the sun go to work in neutralizing much of the odors. Place the rubber outside in direct sunlight for 2 hours, rotate to ensure that the entire surface receives exposure. Be careful not to leave the item in the sun too long, as this can often weaken the material and lead to cracks.

3. Fill a large bucket with water and add 1/2 cup of vinegar. Allow item to sit within formula for 1 hour, remove from water & air dry. Vinegar will have neutralized much of the exterior rubber odor.4. Peppermint oil does a fantastic job at masking odor within the short-term. Apply some peppermint oil to a dampened cloth and proceed to wipe down the surface of the rubber.

5. Citrus juices, especially those within lemons, cut through odors as an active ingredient.

6. Baking soda works to absorb unwanted odors. Fill a bucket with water, mix 1/2 cup of baking soda within it, place the item inside, and let soak for 3-4 hours before removing for drying. 7. Bathe gently in warm water and dish soap (like Dawn or other). Dish soap is gentle enough to not damage products, while the warmth of the solution seems to help the smell wear off faster.