Now more than ever sanitation has taken center stage and social distancing has quickly become the norm. We use rubber in place of leather in the majority of our pieces because we love the feel and look of rubber as well as the fact that it is a perfect vegan replacement of leather which helps support our fellow animals cohabitating with us.  When it comes to cleaning and and sanitizing Impact Play gear, rubber is so much easier to maintain than leather and when it comes to sanitation leather is a lot of work for very little success.

To clean and sanitize your rubber gear it is very simple.  Water does not harm rubber as  it does with leather.  You can use an anti bacterial dish washing fluid or a liquid antibacterial soap.  Wash your gear with antibacterial soap and warm water on relax basis.  Bring the soap to a lather on the piece making sure to cover the entire piece, rinse and dry.  That is it, you gear is cleaned and sanitized. Don't try that with leather, you would ruin most leather. Like many things, simple is better